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Boreas HVAC - #1 Air Conditioning Repair Service in Stafford TX

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  • We offer Replacement, Installation, and Repair on Central air conditioner units.

  • We also fix and install Furnace (Gas and Electric) and Central Heating.

  • Furnace Repair & Replacement

Welcome to BOREAS - Air Conditioning Services

With over 30 years of experience in the international market and more than 20 years in serving Stafford, Katy, Sugar Land, Mission Bend, and Texas areas.

BOREAS is a trusted name in heating and air conditioning services. We provide commercial and residential reparation, sales, and installation with over 30 years of experience in the international market and more than 20 years in Texas. We can guarantee outstanding service and quality products to our clients. With so much experience on the job, we can ensure satisfaction to our clients. All our technicians are highly trained, properly certificated by the state, and have several years of experience with the industry. Our company is licensed by the State of Texas and properly insured as required by law.

Boreas HVAC is a company. Bilingual, we supply all Houston metroplex areas. We are committed to excellence in all that we do. We strive to achieve and maintain unparalleled quality measured by customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality service and equipment available. As our reputation for excellence increases, so will our profitability and growth.

Need A Proper Air Conditioning And Heating Repair Company In Stafford, TX? Here’s What You Need To Know

Air circulation or ventilation is a very crucial factor in a home. Without it, the homeowner could suffocate, choke easily, and in more extreme cases, it could lead to breathing irregularities or even death. Air conditioning is one of the most important sources of ventilation. Most times, and especially if you live near the temperate regions like TX Stafford, you can definitely not rely on the wind’s force to keep you cool; hence you’ll need your very own air conditioning. The same goes for those cold nights where you wish you had a fireplace or a heating system; you should definitely get one. These systems are machines, and just like most machines, they require maintenance, servicing, and repair when they do break down. With air conditioning and heating systems, its repairs need to be of high preference because these are necessities that improve life quality. So how do you fix your air conditioning and heat system in the hot city of Stafford, TX? Before we get to that, here are a few things you need to know first.

How do you know you’re having a conditioning problem?

An easy answer to this would be the temperature of your home or space. Does it feel cold during the winter or very warm in the summer? Do you have a hard time sleeping due to the reduced airflow, or is it feeling stuffier as the day goes by? The chances are that your once perfectly working air conditioning or heating system requires servicing, or maybe you require a replacement altogether. When it comes to HVAC systems and repair, you’ll need to be certain there’s an actual problem that you cannot fix to prevent spending on a repair company from doing what Google would have told you to do. Bear in mind that TX Air Conditioning and Heating appliances are complex in their build and are made up of components with different important purposes; hence making mistakes during troubleshooting is inevitable but avoidable. When troubleshooting your Air Conditioning Stafford, TX, it’s important to refrain from playing god with the components to prevent additional damages. However, if you feel like you may just be adding salt to your conditioning’s injury, then you’ll need to refrain from troubleshooting and call a service repair company; otherwise, here’s what you should do first.

Check the circuit breaker and thermostat.

A fast trip to the thermostat would save you some extra bucks. Also, just like your phones won’t come on when it doesn’t have power, your Air conditioner will remain in its ground state will not come on if no power is being supplied to it. Hence, check the circuit box to see if any wires are tripped or damaged. This could be the reason why it refused to come on, and it could save you some repair expenses.

Also, a common problem that makes people believe their air conditioning is bad is when they don’t hear the faint humming sound it gives. In this case, all you need to do is adjust the thermostat settings. You can go 4-5 degrees below or above the usual reading to see if it hums back to life. Also, check if the thermostat batteries are inserted properly or are still functional as dead thermostat batteries will lead to faulty air conditioning.

Check the air filter.

If you’re dealing with an air conditioner that toggles on its own between on and off or, in simpler terms, turns on and off frequently and under short intervals, the chances are that it’s the air filter that’s the culprit. Air filters, like the name, imply, sieve out the bad air while trapping things like dust and other particles during this process.

Often enough, the accumulation of these dust particles causes the air filter to clog, and this will mar the overall performance of the air conditioner. It can cause damage to the system’s blower motor and even increase the amount of energy your system takes, which consequently increases your electricity bills. In more extreme cases, the air conditioner breaks down prematurely and desperately needs a repair company.

The condensate drain needs maintenance.

If you’ve done all three previous steps and your Air Conditioning and Heating Stafford, TX is still having the same problems, then there are several other possibilities as to what could be wrong with it. One of these is the condensate drain. There’s an inbuilt safety feature that shuts down the air conditioning system whenever there’s too much water in the condensate pan.

Now, you could either disassemble your system and drain out the water and debris yourself, or you could call the maintenance service to do it for you. If machine dissembling isn’t your forte, do call the maintenance service.

Check the Air Ducts

If you hear a rattling or shaking sound and there’s an uneven flow of air between rooms or no airflow whatsoever, then your air ducts are the culprit. If these ducts are loose, dirty, or disconnected, then clamoring sounds are bound to be heard on the outside, whereas on the inside, there’s probably no air flowing through the rooms. Try cleaning the air ducts, fix them properly, or screw them back together and see if there’s any difference in the airflow.

These problems are all associated with cooling systems; concerning the heating systems, here are a few procedures you should observe before calling the repairmen.

Check the furnace

For a lot of homes in Stafford, TX, furnaces are the source of heat. Now there are different kinds of furnaces. They could be the traditional wood furnace or maybe the gas furnaces. A lot of times, with gas furnaces, you could run out of gas, or the gas service could terminate your supply may be due to unpaid bills or a technical problem. In essence, check your gas meter to determine the root of the problem before calling the repair service. If the supply service turned the gas off due to a possible leakage, best to believe that it’ll be back up in no time, and you can keep warm all day long.

Now, once you’ve toggled around with these diagnostics and assuming the problem remains intact or gets worse, then it’s probably time to call in the crew. Stafford, TX, has many credible repair companies, some of which have more experience and ratings than others. Remember, you’re trying to fix devices that make you feel comfortable every day, so you cannot afford to have an amateur company swoop in and double your supposed repair expenses. Luckily Boreas Air Conditioning and Heating offers amazing repair services and has been around for donkey years now.

About Boreas HVAC

This is a company that actually values the client’s feelings and complaints. They understand you’re unhappy with the change or deviation in the comfort system of your home, office, or private space. Hence they’re willing to listen to all reservations you may have. This heating and cooling system repair company has really made a name for itself in the Texas district. With a staggering 30 years of experience in its resume, you can expect nothing short of quality, efficiency, and precision in its work. This company does more than repair heating and air conditioning appliances and systems.

In the event where your comfort solutions have been damaged beyond repairs, a replacement is in order, and you can entrust your search to Boreas HVAC. This company offers its services to both commercial and residential facilities. They are licensed by the state of Texas to repair your systems, sell new ones, and even install them as well. It’s an all-encompassing service provider. The technicians under the company’s banner are trained, certified, and skilled, promising to diminish your air conditioning, furnace repair, and replacement problems. Their services include:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Furnace repair or replacement
  • Heating services
  • Air quality
  • HVAC for commercial purposes
  • HVAC for residential purposes
  • Air Purification

Half of these services have already been highlighted in previous paragraphs; let’s move on to the second half.

Furnace repair and replacement

The cold nights are approaching, and the other alternative to fixing your furnace may be waking up in the emergency room with Pneumonia or a breathing problem. Our body’s temperature can only make so much temperature regulation, and we do need an artificial means to improve our comfort levels. Furnace problems could stem from a wide range of possibilities, but once you’ve checked the thermostat settings, air filters, power switches, gas switches (for a gas furnace), condensation pans. Lastly, the security of the air panels and the fault persists. A maintenance crew is due.

These individuals are tasked with the responsibility of identifying the location of the fault, drawing up the necessary diagnostics, and fixing the problem in a way that it doesn’t recur. However, as earlier stated, if the furnace is damaged beyond repair, the next step would be to evacuate the damaged system and purchase a new one. These technicians at Boreas HVAC will be ecstatic to help you with the replacement installation.

Heating service Stafford, TX

Stafford, TX, is a beautiful city by all standards, but it’s no secret that it gets freezing at night. Hence, a heating service is in order. There are quite diverse options for which one could go for. From heat pumps to gas furnaces and the works. Whatever heating service you require, rest assured that Boreas HVAC is fully grounded with the diversities in the business alongside different technologies.

Air Purification Stafford, TX

Clean air is non-negotiable; it’s as important as clean water because of the health challenges that could arise if one is put in a living condition without it for an extensive amount of time. Some of these health challenges could be nasal infections, heart and lung infections, etc. The cost of actually getting an air purification system in Stafford, Texas, beats the cumulative health expenses you’ll be spending without one. Hence, breathing cleaner air is more affordable than not. With air purification, there are different technologies and best believe that Boreas HVAC has many of these technologies. They include:

  • Activated Carbon Technology
  • HEPA Technology
  • Negative Ion
  • Ozone
  • UV Technology

These technologies have different advantages and methods of operation over the other, and it’s important to have a fair knowledge of each so that you choose the one that’s best suited to your home or space.

In essence, it’s important to change the narrative about air conditioners and heating systems, and air purifiers from luxury equipment to dire necessities. Many health challenges could deviate if one breathes clean air and sleeps in a properly ventilated room with a regulated temperature. These devices make life more comfortable and easier, but they save and preserve lives in the long run.

When looking for an air conditioning and repair company within Stafford, TX, it is important to limit your search to licensed professionals with a great wealth of experience. Also, go for the companies with many positive reviews online and offline as you may not afford to repair your systems twice or more. Professionalism and company representation are key here; efficiency, affordability, and prompt service are crucial.

Your search should be limited to these qualities. However, Boreas HVAC is just around your Stafford TX corner, and it’s got a yin to every air conditioning yang. The company even offers a warranty for every item installed, fixed, or purchased from its inventory. There’s also a free consultation period where clients can sit with the company's technicians to go over the estimates for repairs and purchases to figure out which ones the clients are most comfortable with. All these and so much more apply to Stafford, TX clients courtesy of Boreas HVAC.

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