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If you found us by doing a search for "commercial HVAC companies near me,"  Welcome! Boreas, provides commercial HVAC systems service and design for Sugar Land, Greatwood, Stafford, Houston, and surrounding areas. We also provide HVAC for our residential customers.  You don't need to spend time finding and evaluating various commercial or residential HVAC designs and commercial and residential HVAC systems. We will share a few alternative solutions and the pros and cons of various air conditioning, heating, air purification, and dehumidifying solutions.  Commercial and residential HVAC maintenance is not just a preventative measure to keep your equipment functioning well.  We want to help you to avoid the risk of catastrophic damage to your property and your most important assets, your family, your employees, and possibly customers, clients, and patients. 

Boreas HVAC = Full Commercial HVAC Design Systems Sugar Land Stafford Residential – Commercial AC Repair Residential – Commercial Air Conditioner Installation Residential – Air Purification – Dehumidifiers!

Boreas is a seasoned commercial and residential HVAC contractor helping our customers with HVAC-related new equipment, replacements, installations, maintenance, and repairs. We offer Ruud, Goodman/Daikin, Bryant, Amana, and Carrier HVAC commercial and residential HVAC systems and will be happy to help you with repairs of other manufacturer's equipment as well. Don't hesitate to give us a call if your capacitors are not working, your refrigerant is low, or your contractors need to be replaced!

Our goal is to continue to be one of the Texas commercial HVAC companies whose clients can't help but brag about when their business contacts ask for a recommendation for a commercial HVAC service in or around Sugar Land! We can help you with more than just a commercial air conditioner. Boreas also does commercial refrigeration, maintenance, and commercial refrigeration repair. Do you need the best commercial dehumidifier for your business? We can help you. 

Commercial HVAC Systems Sugar Land, Greatwood, Stafford, Houston, and Surrounding Areas

Commercial Air Conditioning, Commercial Heating Installation

Boreas HVAC helps you save money in many ways other than selling you "cheap" products and services. When we recommend new commercial HVAC systems to our Sugar Land, Stafford, and Houston commercial clients, it is because it is a practical and wise decision. 

We will build your system to be safe, efficient, and dependable. With our maintenance agreement, your equipment will have optimal longevity. 

We keep up with new technologies. As your equipment ages, we will advise you as to whether you should make partial replacement of parts. Hiring us to do your maintenance is optional. It will extend the life of your commercial air condition equipment and commercial heating equipment.  

Commercial HVAC Design Sugar Land, Greatwood, Stafford, and Beyond

With Boreas, we create your commercial HVAC design so that your business will have the least amount of downtime. 

How will Boreas handle your large new commercial HVAC design? We have a civil engineer on our Boreas team. If your company needs a large HVAC plan, he will create the perfect plan. We will make sure that your new commercial HVAC system will be completed on time, and running smoothly. Everything... ductwork, wiring, etc. will be installed properly and on time. 

We know the temperatures are shockingly high this year. We hope you will remember Boreas HVAC for commercial heating, installation of a new furnace, and other heating needs when winter comes. Perhaps we will have a colder than the normal Texas fall season. 🙂

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

With the proactive commercial maintenance, we offer you comes an added benefit, peace of mind! You can rest assured that your commercial HVAC system will have minimal problems and longer life. Plus, your building temperature will be more stable and comfortable and the air inside your building will be healthier. When we hear people use the phrase "commercial HVAC maintenance cost", we feel the need to educate them. Maintenance from a commercial HVAC maintenance company in Sugar Land or companies in other surrounding cities helps save money. It is a very important investment. 

Commercial AC Repair, Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Heater Repair in Sugar Land, Stafford, and beyond!

This is Texas and when it is hot; it is hot! That's why we offer commercial HVAC repair such as commercial air conditioning repair emergency service!  Protection from indoor Texas heat goes far beyond comfort straight to the health and well-being of your team and your business assets.  We will repair commercial package units, commercial condensing units, commercial coils, commercial compressors, and much more for our Sugar Land, Stafford, Houston, and surrounding area clients. It doesn't matter what brand of HVAC commercial equipment you have, we will repair It for you. Commercial and residential air conditioning, air circulation, or ventilation is very crucial.  Air conditioning is one of the most important sources of ventilation.

What will be your company's commercial HVAC cost?

We cannot tell you that until we research to understand your company and its exact needs. As you may have heard about us, we don't try to "close sales." Our goal is to offer products and services that will make raving fans of our clients. We love lifetime clients and referrals.

Your cost will be whatever the lowest cost is to give you a hassle-free HVAC experience for the life of your building. 

Residential Home Air Conditioning Service in Sugar Land, Greatwood, Stafford, and beyond!

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Furnace repair or replacement
  • Heating services
  • Air quality
  • Commercial HVAC services
  • Residential HVAC services
  • Air Purification

How do you know you’re having an air conditioning problem?  Air Conditioner Installation Residential – Air Purification – Dehumidifiers

Do you have a hard time sleeping due to the reduced airflow, or is it feeling stuffier as the day goes by? Does your house feel damp? When was your last AC tune-up? Perhaps your air conditioning refrigerant needs to be checked. Do you have an evaporator leak? Has your capacitor been checked? Maybe you need to be replacing your home ac compressor. Air conditioning isn't just about staying cool, and you may need a dehumidifier.

Check the air filter.

If you’re dealing with an air conditioner that seems to turn on and off too frequently, you may just need new filters installed. The accumulation of these dust particles causes the air filter to clog, and this will mar the overall performance of the air conditioner. It can cause damage to the system’s blower motor and even increase the amount of energy your system takes, which consequently increases your electricity bills. Not changing your filters could cause your air conditioner to need to be repaired or replaced.

The condensate drain needs maintenance.

An inbuilt safety feature shuts down the air conditioning system whenever there’s too much water in the condensate pan. If you haven't had this done recently, contact us to help you!

Our maintenance service to do it for you.

Check the Air Ducts

If you hear a rattling or shaking sound and there’s an uneven flow of air between rooms or no airflow whatsoever, then your air ducts are the culprit. If these ducts are loose, dirty, or disconnected, clamoring sounds are bound to be heard on the outside, whereas there’s probably no air flowing through the rooms on the inside. We can help you.

Check the furnace

When winter comes to your home in Sugar Land, Stafford or beyond, furnaces are the source of heat. Now there are different kinds of furnaces. They could be the traditional wood furnace or maybe the gas furnaces. Call Boreas to check your gas meter to determine the root of the problem.

Furnace repair and replacement

Furnace problems could stem from a wide range of possibilities, but we will be happy to check areas that could be problematic such as thermostat settings, air filters, power switches, gas switches (for a gas furnace), and condensation pans, and the security of the air panels.  Our technician will identify the locations of the faults, draw up the necessary diagnostics, and fix the problem.

Heating service 

From heat pumps to gas furnaces, whatever heating service you require, rest assured that Boreas HVAC is up to date on the latest quality products and technology.

Air Purification Sugar Land, Stafford, Houston

Clean air is non-negotiable; it’s as important as clean water because of the health challenges that could arise if one is put in a living condition without it for an extensive amount of time. Some of these health challenges could be nasal infections, heart and lung infections, etc. The cost of actually getting an air purification system in Stafford, Texas, beats the cumulative health expenses you’ll be spending without one. Hence, breathing cleaner air is more affordable than not. With air purification, there are different technologies and we can offer the best to you that will include...

  • Activated Carbon Technology
  • HEPA Technology
  • Negative Ion
  • Ozone
  • UV Technology

These technologies have different advantages and methods of operation over the other.  We will evaluate your situation and let you know our recommendations and why we are recommending them.



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