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   Call The Owner, Nora Faccini

In most cases when you call Boreas Air Conditioning and Heating, you will be greeted by the owner, Nora Faccini. She has been carefully trained by her father-in-law who created the business 30+ years ago!

Nora’s 12 years of working with the seasoned first owner, enables her to excel in both simple and complex solutions. Continuing in her father-in-law’s philosophy of building lifetime customers, she insists on being your first contact and will be available any time you need advice.

After Nora discerns your needs, she will match and dispatch the correct skilled technicians for your specific air conditioning and heating needs.

She has been known to share quick solutions for her customers that they can do themselves, such as just flipping a switch in a breaker box.

Following Boreas’s philosophy of the importance of having a consultive relationship with their customers, Nora has been able to explain facts that her customers haven’t thought about. Such as? She educates her customers about how much electricity old air conditioning and heating systems use compared to new systems. She recently helped one family’s electric bill go from close to $600 a month to close to $200 a month. She doesn’t guarantee that type of reduction, but nonetheless, it happens and sizable savings could happen for you. 

Boreas HVAC provides commercial and residential heating and, air conditioning products and services in Sugar Land, Stafford, Houston, and the surrounding areas. Our commercial and residential services include, but are not limited to, commercial and residential HVAC new units, installation, maintenance, and repairs.  With over 30 years of experience, we are not the least expensive HVAC company. Why? Because the products and services we provide to you will actually save you money in the long run and prevent you from having repeated stress over HVAC issues.

Our motive? Lifetime customers and referrals!

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