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We rely on our air conditioners and furnaces to keep us comfortable and safe throughout the year. If your air conditioning system is broken, it is crucial to repair it as quickly as possible. Some homeowners try repair their ac systems and furnaces themselves, but this is very risky and can be costly. The smart move is to trust an expert to service your air conditioner.

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No one really notices how great on-demand heating and cooling are until their heating and cooling unit stops working. Then time seems to stand still. When you find yourself without heating or cool air, you need a dependable HVAC contractor who knows their stuff and can repair your unit quickly.

Founded by Ricardo Faccini, Boreas HVAC is a trusted name in the heating and air business. We have over 30 years of experience in the international market, and we have been serving Texas for seven years. We repair, install, and sell heating units, AC units, and furnaces for residences and offices. We work with the top brands on the market including Bryant and more. Our highly trained technicians are licensed by the state, and trained to give quality customer service. Our mission is to achieve unparalleled quality measured by customer satisfaction.



Did you know that your heating and cooling system also need regular maintenance? Without maintenance, your unit becomes less efficient over time, and can even break down years earlier than if you'd kept up maintenance. Luckily, HVAC can handle that. We keep heating and cooling systems running smoothly, and can save you money you would have otherwise spent on repairs. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your unit by up to five years.

At Boreas HVAC, we're committed to excellence in everything that we do. With such a long track record of providing quality service, you can rest assured that you're trusting your HVAC needs to the right people. Not only that, but we offer competitive prices and regular specials. Call us today for a free estimate. We speak both English and Spanish.


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