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We rely on our air conditioners and furnaces to keep us comfortable and safe throughout the year. If your air conditioning system is broken, it is crucial to repair it as quickly as possible. Some homeowners try repair their ac systems and furnaces themselves, but this is very risky and can be costly. The smart move is to trust an expert to service your air conditioner.

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Working and living in a comfortable environment that is temperature controlled is accomplished by using the right HVAC system. This includes air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation units that are specifically designed to control air quality. Boreas HVAC has been servicing clients with all their heating and air conditioning needs for over 30 years. Ricardo Faccini, founder of the company, made his debut into the business world with the intent of providing customers with the best products and services available. His proven international experience and his attention to detail have made Boreas HVAC the place to go in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area for all heating and air-conditioning services.



Boreas HVAC Inc. specializes in residential and commercial services. Their residential systems include top of the line brands. These energy efficient units are designed to help the homeowner save money on their utility bills each month. People see immediate benefits after upgrading to a new modern unit that is professionally installed. The expert staff at Boreas HVAC is trained to help customers choose the right appliance for their needs, both for residential and commercial applications. Regular maintenance visits are a major part of their business because keeping the units running properly ensures continued comfort year round. Each service needs to include an installation or replacement of an HVAC air cleaner and UV treatment. The air quality of a home is directly linked to the heating and air conditioning units. The Air Purification System cleans the air each time a unit is operating, keeping the air inside the building free from airborne particles, bacteria, dust, mold, smoke, allergens, viruses, and odors. This is an easy way to keep healthy air circulating throughout any home or business, and Boreas HVAC is just a phone call away.


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