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Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Services in Richmond, TX

Now that winter is upon us and the weather is turning cold, it is simple to forget about our trusty air conditioners that have kept us cool all summer long. Most of us normally will shut off our good old air conditioners once the weather turns cool and never think about them again until the following summer when the weather becomes hot and sticky. Then when the friendly air conditioner makes a horrible clunking sound, and just can not find the strength to fill the house with its nice cool air, we become angry and grab a hammer or a shoe and begin beating upon its case.

There is a simple solution to this problem. All it takes to get the family cool and beat the heat is one quick call to Boreas HVAC to get your air conditioner up and running like new once again. Boreas HVAC is located in Stafford TX and has repaired air conditioners for many years. Now should the old air conditioner just be to far gone for the technician to breath life back into it, Boreas HVAC not only repairs air conditioners, they sell new ones at very reasonable prices and they will not only deliver it to your home, but set it up and make sure it is prepared to keep your home nice and cool before they ever leave.

The summers in Texas can be so hot that it can melt the concrete right off the roads and the last thing you want is be stuck in your house without a working air condition. Lets face it, beating the stuffing out of the old air conditioner may work a time or two. But in the long run, the chances are great that that old beast is just going to up and leave you hot and dry. So now that winter is here, it is wise to go ahead and call Boreas HVAC and make an appointment for one of their technicians to come out and give it a good check up.

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